Banner Maker Pro Portable | 7.8 Mb

Banner Maker Pro is software that quickly (and easily!) allows you to create web-based banner ads, web buttons, web headers, animated gifs, logos, image ads and other web graphics. It's not just for banners. It's an animated banner ad maker, button maker, and logo maker all in one -and it's just $39.99 for unlimited banner making. By using a wizard-like interface, Banner Maker Pro allows you to easily create professional looking banners, buttons, and graphics for web pages in just minutes. Simply follow the tabs at the top of the
program to go step-by-step in the image making process. When you have completed the image, just save it as a GIF or JPEG and add it to your website. Create an animated banner or button in under 5 minutes! No graphics expertise needed.

Benefits of using Banner Maker Pro
• Banner Maker Pro is the easiest way to make web graphics. You can create an animated banner in just 5 minutes with no graphic skills.
• More customizable than other online banner and button makers.
• Create any sized image from 80 x 15 blog buttons to web headers that stretch across the top of a web page.
• Add any image, photo, or logo. All added images can be resized and blended using transparency.
• Over 60 different one-step animations. Create your banner, choose your animation and save. It's that easy.
• More text effects than any online banner maker - add borders and three types of shadows (sharp, diffuse & glow). Change the character spacing and transparency. Set the text at an angle. Use any font on your computer. Set the text at an angle or wrap it around a circle. Unicode text is supported and all text uses anti-aliasing for clean and sharp looking characters.
• Over 500 backgrounds and stand alone images. Backgrounds images are unique custom created backgrounds that cannot be found anywhere else. Images include over 40 different "click here!" buttons and 40 different common window control images.
• Undo and Redo changes. Also, animations can be saved and edited later.
• The Power Preview allows you to view hundreds of different combinations of your image with different backgrounds and fonts.
• Compress your images using the built in jpeg and non-animated gif cruncher.
• Email, FTP and upload to all of your images right from within Banner Maker Pro.
• Shapes - Buttons can now be made from Arrows, Diamonds, Hexagons, Octagons, and Stars. In addition, all shapes now include the ability to add a shadow and/or an edge.
• Create HTML code to place the banner on your website. In addition, you can create code for a banner rotator with up to 10 images and create HTML code to make mouse-overs.

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How to remove w32 usb worm

W32.USB Worm or Heap41a attempts to periodically copy itself to removable drives and USB keys. The worm will attempt to create a hidden file Autorun.inf on the removeable drive and copy itself to the removeable drive as MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe. It will monitor internet brwser activities and display the following messages:

“Orkut is BANNED you fool, The adminstrators didn’t write this program guess who did??”
Removal Procedure:

1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open Windows Task Manager and go to the Processes tab
2. Find the Image Name svchost.exe that is running under the current Username (Login Name)
3. Click End Process at bottom right of the Windows Task Manager to kill the running process. When prompted with a warning, press Yes
4. Repeat and find other svchost.exe in the same status. Do not end svchost.exe with SYSTEM, Local Service or Network Service. They are process necessary in running Windows.
5. Close Windows Task Manager when done
6. Open My Computer
7. In the address bar, type C:\heap41a and press Enter. This is a hidden folder and not visible by simply browsing.
8. Delete all the files including the folder
9. Go to Start > Run and type Regedit
10. Go to the Menu > Edit > Find
11. Search for “heap41a”. You will have a results similar to “[winlogon] C:\heap41a\svchost.exe C:\heap(some number)\std.txt”
12. Select and Delete the registry string. click Yes if it prompts you to delete the registry entries.
13. Exit registry editor.

Cleaning the USB Drive
1. Before inserting the USB Drive please disable autorun to prevent the virus from infecting your computer again.
How to Disable USB Drive to autorun (Windows XP):
a. Open Windows Explorer or press the Windows + “e” key.
b. Right-click the drive of the USB Drive. Then select Properties. Drive Properties will appear.
c. Select the AutoPlay tab.
d. Choose Select an Action to Perform
e. At the bottom of the selection, click Take no Action, then click Apply.
f. Click OK to exit Drive Properties.
2. Insert USB Drive and scan with an updated AntiVirus Software
3. Look for autorun.inf and autorun.exe and delete them

Restoring View of Hidden Files and Folders (Optional)
1. Go to Start > Regedit
2. Navigate to the following registry entry and modify the value
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer]
Value: DWORD “NoFolderOptions” from 1 change to 0
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Futuremark PCMark Vantage Pro v1.

Futuremark PCMark Vantage Pro v1. | 666MB

PCMark Vantage is a PC benchmark suite designed for Windows Vista offering one-click simplicity for casual users and detailed, professional grade testing for industry, press and enthusiasts. A PCMark score is a measure of your computer’s performance across a variety of common tasks such as viewing and editing photos, video, music and other media, gaming, communications, productivity and security. From desktops and laptops to workstations and gaming rigs, by comparing your PCMark Vantage score with other similar systems you can find the hardware and software bottlenecks that stop you getting more from your PC.


* Memories Suite measures the system’s performance when handling digital photos and video.
* The TV and Movies Suite measures performance when transcoding and displaying TV and movies.
* Gaming Suite measures the system’s ability to run the latest games.
* Music Suite measures performance when working with music files.
* Communications Suite measures the system’s performance in various communication scenarios.
* Productivity Suite measures performance when running common productivity software.
* HDD Suite measures the system’s storage performance.

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Soft-Evolution Pimero v2010 R1 v.5.1.3691 Professional Edition

Soft-Evolution Pimero v2010 R1 v.5.1.3691 Professional Edition l 35.7 MB

Soft-Evolution Pimero - is an excellent calendar to record the possible meetings and contacts, which is suitable for both large organizations and for individuals. If you travel frequently or work for multiple computers Pimero offers you a unique opportunity to distribute your time schedule to suit your requirements. New features: Support Skype, import data into Microsoft Outlook, vCard (. Vcf) and iCalendar (. Ics), send e-mails.

Working as part of your team, Pimero is a convenient appointment calendar and contact list manager - the ideal companion for small teams and individuals. If you are on the road frequently, work with several computers or bring together several people into a team, Pimero offers you unique benefits in appointment scheduling.

With its automatic, serverless synchronisation, based on peer-to-peer technology, you need not give a second thought to how you maintain your appointments up-to-date. Every computer which runs Pimero synchronises automatically with all other computers in the network. Take your notebook with appointments and task list on trips - regardless of what you change whilst on the road, it will synchronize with what has changed in the meantime in the office or at home as soon as you re-connect to the network.

Synchronisation works in both directions. If you often work in different places, you always have access to your personal login from allcomputers in the network. This means that you have your information readily available - anywhere, anytime.

With its multi-user capabilities, you have the perfect tool for team-work. Display the appointments and task lists ofcolleagues, employees and friends next to one another - easily and clearly. Use the Team Meeting Finder to find available times for several users and specify who may enter and see other `s information. Protect your private domain with private entries which only you can read, irrespective of any other settings.

Select between several entry categories and maintain a clear overview at all times.

Pimero places great importance on data security and automatically encrypts all transmissions. In addition, all of your personal data is stored on your PC encrypted.

New: Skype support, Import for Microsoft Outlook, vCard (. Vcf) and iCalendar (. Ics), Send Serial Emails, Custom Contact Fields

Your new Personal Information Manager
Pimero 2009 enables you to manage your appointments, contacts, tasks and notes.
Within shortest time you won”t miss this handy software anymore in your daily organisation and team structure.

Beside lots of functions for own organisation of daily work, Pimero offers a rich set of team features. With minimal efforts you are able to work together with your team members and rise the production level of your company immediately.

Every team member owns his personal calendar for his personal data like appointments, tasks or contacts. If your team member has the right to access your calendar, he simply can add it in his view by activating the calendar beside your name in the team members list.

Additionally he can add, change or delete appointments, tasks etc. for you. Example: A secretary can enter appointments for her boss. Project managers can set up tasks for several team members etc.

You see: There are lots of possible situations where Pimero will help you organize and structure your data.

OS: WinAll
Language: English

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Speed Up and Customize Windows7

Want to make Windows 7 run faster, smarter, easier, better? Want to personalize Windows to look and act the way you want it to? Want to get more efficient and ditch all those Windows hassles? You don't need a Ph.D in computer science or expensive upgrades. All you need is this book! Michael Miller makes it easy to tweak Windows so it works just like you want it to--and runs smooth as silk for years to come. No extreme hacking required: These are simple, step-by-step techniques anyone can perform in minutes--even beginners! /Customize Windows 7's desktop for the way you work / Strip out bloated, worthless software that slows your PC down / Get your network running faster and more reliably / Surf the Web more quickly and safely / Improve performance and battery life on notebooks and netbooks / Get more security with fewer annoyances / Discover great free and cheap alternatives to Microsoft's built-in software / Fix
Windows 7's most aggravating problems / And much more...Michael Miller has written more than 100 non-fiction how-to books over the past 20 years, including Que's Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics, Speed It Up! A Non-Technical Guide for Speeding Up Slow Computers, and HowMicrosoft Windows Vista Works. His books have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. He has earned a reputation for clearly explaining technical topics to non-technical readers and for offering useful real-world advice about complex topics

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Portable Advanced Defrag 2010 v4.5 (RAR)

Advanced Defrag is an award-wining defrag program which is designed to cure system sluggishness and keep your computer run like new. our product targets on home-office users, it is absolute easy to use, program applies advanced defragment arithmetic which enables you to completely and fast analyze & defrag all the fragment found in your computer disk, effectively maximum the system performance and improve your working efficiency with the computer.

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