ScriptFTP 3.3

You can use this software when you need automated FTP and secure FTP transfers

ScriptFTP is a FTP/FTPS client created to automate your file transfers.

Add FTP commands to a text file and ScriptFTP will perform them for you automatically. With ScriptFTP you can execute your transfers with just one click on the Run button. You can also schedule the script to run at given times.

Automated FTP and secure FTP transfers.
· Powerful and easy script language. Many examples.
· Upload/Download a set of files or directories.
· Synchronization. Transfer only modified files.
· Script Scheduling. Execute your transfers periodically.
· ZIP file creation for automated backups.
· Report script results via email.
· Batch integration.
· File logging. Log all the transfer details on a text file.
· Error handling. Make your scripts fault tolerant.

· Execute external programs within the script.
· Multiple file renaming.
· Delete remote directory trees.
· Get environment variables within the script.




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