Outpost Firewall Pro 6.7.3

Outpost Firewall - The new version of personal firewall that protects users by filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic, monitor the current connections and detect suspicious activity. The modern Internet requires a fundamentally new approach to security.

A large number of compounds occurs in real time, this is the threat. Effective means of security should detect both known malware and new. New types of threats require new ways of protection.

You get:
* Advanced firewall for secure connections to the Net
* Anti-Spyware for a circular antispyware
* Local security to block unknown threats
* Web control to protect your computer against malicious and fraudulent websites, intrusive online advertising and other Internet threats

Key features:
The product monitors the connections your computer with others, blocking hackers and preventing unauthorized external and internal network access. Controlling inbound and outbound traffic applications, it stops malware attempts to transfer data from your computer or on him.
* Local security monitors the behavior of programs and their interaction to provide proactive protection against unauthorized activity by blocking Trojans, spyware, and all the sophisticated computer hacking techniques hacking and identity theft.
* Outpost Firewall Pro uses specialized techniques for their own protection, which can not be disabled even with the help of specially crafted malicious programs.
* Simple, but, nevertheless, effective malware scanner automatically detects and quarantines or removes spyware and other malicious software. Real-time protection continuously monitors the passive and active programs, giving the slightest impact on system performance.
* Universal components of Web control protects you from the dark side of the Internet. It removes you from websites that load unnecessary information, prevents the inadvertent disclosure of personal information, limits the impact of potentially harmful content network resources on your system and keeps your personal data confidential.
* For beginners Outpost Firewall Pro offers comprehensive assistance in the use of the vast possibilities of the program well, then, as advanced users will appreciate the wealth of possibilities to control and configure settings that they may establish in accordance with their requirements.

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