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Pragma - a multilingual machine translation software to translate text documents from one language to another. The program supports seven languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Latvian, Polish and French.

Pragma executes translate directly into the active application window or in a separate window, fast transfer. With this program you can translate the text information provided in the form of documents MS Word, Web pages, mail messages, memos, and the contents of various text boxes. By automating many functions Pragma very easy to use.

Unlike other programs of machine translation project Pragma is used multilingual translation technology, in which a selected number of languages supported all possible directions of translation. For example, for the three languages - English, Russian and Ukrainian exists 6 directions of translation:
Anglo-Russian, Russian-English, English-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-English, Russian, Ukrainian, Ukrainian-Russian.

Besides the basic translation dictionaries, there are also dictionaries of special terms for 50 different topics. These dictionaries included are rare and specific terms. If you plan to translate the specialized instruments, then the connection of these dictionaries can improve the quality of translation.
Availability of dictionaries spetsterminov displayed in the title of the program as a plus. Pragma 5.x + or Pragma 5.x Plus

Organization dictionaries
Each language is localized in a separate module. There are 7 language modules: English, German, French, Latvian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.
Since Pragma built in a modular fashion, it is also possible to select the appropriate language modules and a combination of them required directions of translation.

Should consider the following the characteristics of the system. Russian language is the main link language for almost all directions of translation. This means that when translating, say, the Latvian language on Ukrainian necessarily need the presence of the Russian language.
Exception is the Polish language. Because of the grammatical proximity of the Polish and Ukrainian languages, the main link language for the Polish language is Ukrainian. Therefore, when choosing the Polish module availability of Ukrainian necessary.

When you update the program automatically takes into account these features.
Along with the system-supplied dictionary, the user has the ability to replenish and edit their personal dictionaries. Dictionaries Users have the highest priority in the translation, it allows you to adjust the translations of the meanings of words and expressions.

What's new in Pragma 6.x
The main improvement Pragma 6.x is the translation product to Unicode. Due to this, the core of the interpreter can now work with extended alphabets, which made it possible to develop the Kazakh unit of translation. This decision also led to an increase in the speed of an interpreter.

The drawback, though minor, is an increase volume of language modules in about half. Also, now is not supported by Windows 95/98/Me. For these operating systems must use the Pragma 5.x.

Some of the changes seen in the interface of the program. Pragma 6.x supports all recent versions of Office and Internet applications.

There are new opportunities in licensing policy. As before, the program is distributed freely as shareware and is available for download from our site. A novelty is a temporary license with a minimum period of one month program.

Pragma 6.x has two product lines - Pragma 6.x Business and Pragma 6.x Home. These packages are targeted at organizations and private users, respectively. The purpose of this division was to make the program available for home use.

Web-browsers (Trident):
* Acoo Browser
* AOL Browser
* Crazy Browser
* Deepnet Explorer
* Enigma
* Fast Browser
* GreenBrowser
* Internet Explorer
* IRider
* Maxthon (ex MyIE2)
* Oligo
* PhaseOut
* Simpliciti Family Browser
* SlimBrowser
* Smart Explorer
* Tablane Browser

Web browsers (Gecko):
* Beonex Communicator
* FireFox
* Flock
* Lolifox
* Netscape
* SeaMonkey

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