Space Siege 540 MB Only

The survival of the human race lies entirely in your hands in Space Siege. This action role-playing game from Chris Taylor, the creator of the award-winning Dungeon Siege games, moves you out from the dungeons and into space.

You are Seth Walker, a crew member on the Armstrong, the only colony ship to survive a massive alien attack upon Earth. As the aliens descend upon the Armstrong, Walker must fend off the extraterrestrial threat using his wits and weapons.

To help his cause, he can choose to augment his body with a variety of cybernetic upgrades available throughout the Armstrong - but with each mechanical improvement, he becomes more machine than man. In this spectacular sci-fi adventure, will you risk your own humanity to save the human race?

With multiple gameplay paths, it's easy to get lost in the immersive futuristic sci-fi environment. Each decision you make will affect both the gameplay and the story, creating surprise twists and turns and great replay-ability. You can improve Seth's fighting abilities with a vast array of cybernetic, armor, and weapon upgrades.

You're not completely alone in this fight -- your constant robot companion, HR-V, will help you in your battles with the alien enemy. And like you, HR-V can also be upgraded to deal massive damage and help you out in a variety of other ways. Up to four players can take part in the epic Space Siege battles, allowing for a variety of cooperative approaches to combat.


* Immersive action role-playing game set in space for sci-fi adventure
* Multiple gameplay paths; each decision creates surprise twists and turns for great replayability
* Improve fighting abilities with vast array of cybernetic, armor and weapon upgrades
* Features help of upgradeable robot companion
* Up to four players

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